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Agent 7.2 Release Notes

Increase in Connections to Agent Usenet Servers

We have increased the maximum number of connections allowed at our Agent Usenet service (APN) to 30. To make it easy for Agent users to take advantage of the change, Agent 7.2 increases the default number of connections from 10 to 30 for new Usenet servers you set up. Also, when you first run Agent 7.2, it will automatically increase the number of connections to 30 for servers you have already defined, but only when:

  • The number of connections was set to 10, the old default value, or
  • The number of connections was set to 25 and the server definition is for an APN server.


  • Agent customers who subscribe to APN aren't required to update to version 7.2, because you can always change the maximum number of connections manually. To do that, open the News Server Panel of the Servers and Accounts dialog box.
  • Of course, Agent customers who don't subscribe to APN do not need to update to version 7.2. However, you might want to review Agent's maximum connections settings to make sure you are using all of the connections available. It never hurts to set Agent's maximum to a value that is greater than the number of connections actually available, because Agent automatically detects when it hits the limit set by the server and adjusts accordingly.

Bug Fixes

We accidentally introduced a bug in Agent 7.1 that sometimes caused Agent to fail to retrieve bodies for messages imported from NZB files. Agent would incorrectly report that the bodies were unavailable. We actually fixed the bug in Agent 7.1 Build 1214 but did not formally announce the change. The fix applies only to users who installed Agent 7.1 Build 1212. If Agent's About dialog box says you're already running build 1214, you do not need to upgrade to version 7.2 to get the bug fix.

Upgrade Issues

If you are upgrading from Agent 7.1 there are no issues. If you are upgrading from Agent 7.0 or earlier versions please see the Agent 7.0 and Agent 7.1 Release Notes for details.

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