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Agent 7.1 Release Notes

New Installation Program

We have rewritten the installation program to be compatible with all new versions of Windows. The program now uses the standard Windows installer and has the file extension ".msi".

NOTE: It is no longer possible to use the installation program to install multiple copies of Agent on a computer. For more information, see the Running Multiple Copies of Agent FAQ.

Larger Folder Size

We increased the maximum size of an individual folder from 8 to 128 gigabytes. Note, however, that the maximum number of messages per folder is still 16 million and the maximum size of a single message is still 4 gigabytes. Because of various performance and RAM limitations, we recommend that you keep the number of messages in a folder below 1 million. See the About Large Folders FAQ for more information.

Agent 7.1 is not backward compatible with Agent 6.0 and earlier versions. (See the Agent 7.0 Release Notes.) Agent 7.1 is also, by default, not backward compatible with Agent 7.0, but we have provided a way for you to disable the new folder size limits and maintain backward compatibility. See About Large Folders FAQ for details.

Problems Fixed

  1. We fixed a bug that caused Agent to fail to properly display HTML entities when they were not ASCII characters, even if they were in the selected codepage. Characters Agent failed to display correctly include “ (left double quote) and ” (right double quote).
  2. In Windows 7 and later, the Agent icon displayed on the Windows taskbar will now change to indicate when you have new email. (A small image of an envelope appears in the lower right corner of the icon.) Note that this only works when you have large taskbar icons selected.
  3. One of our customers ran across a rogue news server that failed to include whitespace after the message-id token in the ARTICLE response line. Agent will now work with that server.
  4. We fixed a bug that caused Agent to crash when retrieving HTML images with really long URLs.
  5. Some users were confused by the status bar message Agent first displayed when you sampled headers by date. The message showed the total number of messages available in the group, suggesting that Agent might actually try to retrieve that many headers. So we changed the initial message to read "Searching for headers posted since date for group." Once Agent finds the first header on the desired date, it updates the message to indicate the number of headers it really will retrieve.

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