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Agent 4.0 Beta Update

Beta trials are going great. Here's a sneak preview of some of Agent 4.0's features.

Image Preview

View Usenet and email images directly in Agent.

You can view the image actual size or scale the image to fit your screen layout. You even have the option of opening a separate image window on a second monitor.


In Agent 4.0, you can choose never to display HTML. If you decide to display HTML you can tell Agent to only display HTML images from trusted contacts. For all other contacts Agent warns you if images are available for the message and gives you the option of manually downloading them.

Instead of manually downloading images, you can "Allow Image Downloads" for a trusted contact. Agent stores that knowledge in the contact record and all future messages from that contact will contain the images.

Folder Schemes

You can define folder schemes for managing properties across multiple folders. In Agent 4.0, each folder can be based on a scheme. Agent is preconfigured with schemes that are optimized for email, text news and binary news. Modify the scheme and you modify all the groups that are based on that scheme. This allows greater customization and flexibility so that Agent works just the way you want.

For a description of the other features in Agent 4.0 see our previous announcement.


The Forté Team

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