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Agent 7.2 and Agent Usenet (APN) Support 30 Connections

Forté Survey

The Forté team would like to thank the thousands of people who took time to answer our survey. (And a hearty congratulations to the winner of the $500 Amazon gift card.) We have learned a lot about the features and capabilities you would like to see in Agent and our Agent Usenet (APN) service. In fact, we have already begun taking steps to create a better experience for Agent and APN users.

More Agent Usenet Connections

Based on responses to our survey we are increasing the number of simultaneous uncapped connections to 30. These connections will be added to your APN account at your next renewal. Haven't used APN? Sign up for a free trial. We are sure that you will love our low cost, high retention service with 256-bit SSL and now with 30 connections.

Agent 7.2

To make it easy for you to take advantage of more connections we are releasing Agent 7.2. If your present version of Agent is set to the default of 10 connections Agent 7.2 will automatically increase that number to 30.

You do not have to upgrade to version 7.2 to use your 30 connections. Any version of any newsreader that works with APN can now use up to 30 connections. In Agent, you can always set your connections manually:

  • Click the Tools menu
  • Select Servers and Accounts
  • Select your news server
  • Set Maximum allowed connections to 30

About Forté

Forté develops the Agent family of products. Agent 7.2 is the most powerful newsreader and email program available today for managing your communications. Forté also provides Agent Usenet, a high-speed, high-quality Usenet news service feed. With data centers in the U.S. and Europe APN gives you the best service and experience anywhere.


The Forté Team

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