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Agent 1.91 Release Notes


  • Agent provides support for yEnc, a new encoding algorithm that reduces the size of binary attachments and saves bandwidth. Smaller binaries saves you time and money -- especially if you subscribe to a premium news service.
  • Agent provides full support for both encoding and decoding of yEnc binaries.
  • Mark worked closely Juergen Helbing, the developer of yEnc. Juergen is now a member of the Agent Beta Team.


  • We rearranged the Help menu to provide more direct access to the online help Contents, Index, and Find choices. We also added a Post Support Question option, so that it's easier to find. Finally, we added an option to go directly to our web site for support.

Bug Fixes

  • Under certain conditions, the Groups and Folders list became corrupted when you added, deleted or renamed a group or folder.
  • Sometimes Agent would freeze on startup or while launching URLs, when running with certain versions of Windows and Internet Explorer.
  • We fixed a bug that caused Agent to truncate extremely long URLs when launching a web browser.

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