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Agent 1.9 Release Notes

Trash Can

Adds a Trash Folder feature that stores deleted messages for easy recovery. You can configure the Trash Folder on the Options | General Preferences dialog box, under the Trash tab.


  • You can now use the Edit | Undo menu option to undo recent message move, copy, and delete operations. Agent remembers and can undo the ten most recent operations. Also, the Edit | Undo and Redo menu options now display what operation will be performed.
  • We improved Agent's handling of unknown attachment types, to better protect you against viruses. Now, Agent assumes that most attachment types are potentially dangerous, and prompts for confirmation before launching them. If you wish, you may declare specific types to be safe, if you don't want Agent to warn you before launching files of that type.
  • Agent now requires that you provide extra confirmation before deleting a group or folder, to better protect you from deleting one by mistake.
  • We improved the dialog box that pops up if you have messages ready to send when you go offline or close Agent. It now has various options for selecting what to do with the messages.
  • Agent now automatically disables the Windows Indexing Service for the folder containing Agent's databases. We added this feature because under certain circumstances, the indexing service could corrupt Agent's databases.
  • In the Address Book and Pick Addresses dialog box, you can now press ESC to terminate the current incremental search, leaving the highlight on the current address book item. This makes it easier to stop one search and begin a new one.
  • We updated the ISO 8859-7 charset COD file to include three characters recently added to the 8859-7 standard.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug that caused Agent to crash during startup when certain version of Netscape Navigator were installed on the computer.
  • We fixed a bug that caused Agent to hang during startup when running under certain versions of Windows, especially Windows ME.
  • We fixed a bug that could cause Agent to fail to save a message being composed if you had saved the message, but Windows or Agent crashed before you closed Agent.
  • We fixed a bug that caused Agent to report a "connection closed unexpectedly by server" error when the server reported an error immediately before closing the connection. Now, Agent displays the actual error reported by the server.
  • We fixed a bug that caused Agent to crash when displaying messages containing Japanese text with certain invalid escape sequences.

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