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Agent · Route by Identity (RBI)

What is RBI?

Route by Identity is a new solution for automated routing and filing of email messages. With RBI, you don't write complex rules or filters. You simply train Agent by moving messages to folders.

Training Example

You receive an email from David Jones and it routes to your "Inbox". You move the email to your "Personal" folder by dragging and dropping.

Agent detects that David Jones is a new contact and displays a "Move to Folder" confirmation. You press OK and David Jones is assigned to your "Personal" folder.

From now on, Agent will automatically route all email from David Jones to your "Personal" folder. It's just that easy.

The Route by Identity icon indicates which folders have RBI enabled.

Route by Domain

Instead of routing on <>, you can train Agent to route on the <> domain. Route by Domain is ideal for web sites that use multiple email addresses such as Amazon, eBay, and Forté.

Agent Address Book

As you train RBI, Agent stores that knowledge in your address book.

Notice there is a contact record for David Jones and a domain record for Both records are assigned to the "Personal" folder.

Now, look at the contact record for Rich Stanley. Rich is assigned to both "Personal" and "Work". Agent will route an email from Rich Stanley that Cc's David Jones to the "Personal" folder. An email from Rich Stanley that Cc's Joseph Carter will route to the "Work" folder.

If you receive an email from Rich (Personal, Work) that Cc's both Janet (Personal) and Joseph (Work), Agent will analyze the message content to *break the tie* and determine the correct folder.

This level of routing flexibility is simply not possible from a rules-based solution.

Filing Sent Messages

When you compose a message, you must decide where your message is filed. But entering the filing folder each time is so tedious that most email gets filed in the "Sent" folder. As a result your email threads are fragmented.

Fortunately, Agent can also apply it's RBI logic when filing sent messages.

For example, if you enter "David Jones" in the To field, Agent can automatically set the filing folder to "Personal" based on the contact record. Agent even colors the field green to indicate a positive match with your address book.

Junk Filtering

RBI is fully integrated with Agent's Adpative Junk Filtering so that an email from a trusted contact is never sent to the junk folder by accident.