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Agent · MegaJoin

What is MegaJoin?

MegaJoin is Agent 8's proprietary pattern-matching technology that:

  • Identifies related message headers that are elements of a Usenet archive
  • Combines related messages into a single "mega" message for a better user experience
  • Reduces the number of redundant headers by a factor of up to 100
  • Automatically repairs RAR archives with PAR files
  • Provides a clean message body UI for working with individual messages

The result is a simpler and faster Usenet experience. Watch this video to find out more ↓

MegaJoin and NZB

MegaJoin really shines when you import NZB files. With MegaJoin enabled, Agent creates a single message for each series in the NZB. Watch this video to find out more ↓

If Agent ever fails to MegaJoin a series, please contact support to help us update Agent's MegaJoin pattern-matching rules.