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Agent Usenet Upgrade Instructions

News Reader

Update your newsreader to access the new servers:

  • Change your server/host name to (In Agent use menu option Tools | Servers and Accounts. Select your APN account in the list on the left, and then change the Host Name at the top of the dialog box.)
  • Use your current Agent Usenet (formerly APN) login information (username and password)

Article Numbers

The article numbers in your currently downloaded headers are no longer correct because you are accessing new servers. This may result in two problems:

  • Message body retrieval may not work correctly. Here are two ways to solve this problem:
    • Upgrade to Agent 7.0 (or above) which retrieves bodies by message-ID, not by article number.
    • Sample recent headers for each of your newsgroups. This will get a limited number of headers based on time or number. (In Agent, check the box "Update record of headers that have been retrieved."). We don't recommend getting all headers since our increased retention may result in millions of headers being available.
  • The Get New Headers command won't know where to start. Here is how to solve this problem:
    • Catch-Up with each of your newsgroups (In Agent use the menu option Action Menu | Get Headers). You won't see anything happen, but the next time you get new headers Agent will know where to start.

Account Manager

There are no changes here. Log in to APN Account Manager to modify your password or service plan.