Aug 28, 2013 → Agent 7.2 and Agent Premium Usenet (APN) Support 30 Connections

Agent Usenet Support


16-April-2013 - 10:40AM PST - All APN Users - Switch to New APN Servers is Complete

We have redirected all Agent Usenet users to our new service. All APN URLs:


now point to the same service, giving you greatly increased retention (1500 days binary, 8 years text) and completion (99%).

If you have been using news80 to this point then you'll have nothing to do. If not, then please read and follow these instructions for using the new service. They're very simple but very important.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Tech Support

  • Use the APN Technical Support Form to ask a question or report a problem
  • Email support is free for all APN users. We will respond within one business day, Monday - Friday

Other Resources

  • Go to the APN FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions
  • Go to the Agent Support Page for support on the Agent Newsreader

Account Manager

  • Log in to APN Account Manager to change your password or service plan
  • Use the Account Manager to update your billing information or cancel your account
  • Go to the Managing Your Account section of the APN FAQ for more information