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Forté Releases Agent 6.0

Forte is pleased to announce the release of Agent 6.0, a major upgrade with functionality benefiting all Agent users. Based directly on feedback from our customers, this new version enhances and extends the functionality and usability of Agent’s powerful feature set.

Agent 6.0 includes the following enhancements:

News Server Failover when Downloading Message Bodies

When retrieving Usenet message bodies, Agent 6.0 will use a lower-priority news server when a higher-priority server fails or is unavailable. While using the alternate server Agent continually checks the higher-priority server and will reconnect if and when it becomes available.

Fast Usenet Header Downloads

Header downloads are up to 10 times faster for APN and other news servers supporting the new header compression standard.

Hiding Quoted Text

View only as much quoted text as you want when reading replies and forwarded messages.


Browsing through folders is even easier and more efficient. Here are just a few of the features:

  • When you revisit a folder Agent recalls your previous position
  • Expanding and collapsing desks and folders does not change message focus
  • Nested desks and folders expand automatically when you drag folders or messages to them
  • Right clicks do not change selection or focus

Task Manager

  • Go Offline command
  • Retry Failed Tasks Now command
  • Status bar always shows top-most task in the Task Manager window

SSL in Windows Vista

Improved performance in all areas when using SSL with Windows Vista.

Windows 7

Agent 6.0 runs on all versions of the new Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit).


Find and Find-Next command can be canceled.

Find Global will not search when no message types are selected.

Other Changes

Agent 6.0 also includes bug fixes and other features. See our Agent 6.0 Release Notes for details.

Purchasing Agent 6.0

New users pay $29, upgrade users (from any previous version) pay $19. If you purchased Agent 5.0 on or after October 30th, 2009, your reg key will also work with Agent 6.0.


The Forté Team

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