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Forté Releases Agent 4.2

Forté is pleased to announce the general release of Agent 4.2, an upgrade loaded with great new features, and the opening of our Agent Store.

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Agent Store

Forté announces the opening of the Agent Store, a great new place to purchase the Agent gear you've always wanted. The Agent Store has caps, shirts, mugs, posters and other gear, all of which is available with three different designs: Agent Classic, Agent Noir and Agent Icons.

Agent Upgrade Promotion

To celebrate the opening of the Agent Store and the Agent 4.2 release, Forte is offering special upgrade pricing for customers using Agent .99 to 3.3. Through Feb 14, 2007, you can upgrade to Agent 4.2 for $15.

Agent 4.2

The very successful release of Agent 4.0 which included image display, enhanced crosspost detection, ignore sub-thread, and powerful email features has set the stage for Agent 4.2. This new release includes:

NZB Support

Agent 4.2 streamlines the process of importing and exporting NZB files. With a simple double-click or drag-and-drop, Agent automatically processes NZB headers based on your preferences.

Greater Database Capacity

We have doubled the size of Agent's database files while at the same time storing multi-part messages much more efficiently. The result is that in binary groups you can retrieve and keep up to 8 times more message headers than with previous versions.

Windows Vista Support

Agent 4.2 is now ready to run under Microsoft's new Vista operating system.

Smart Abbreviations

Agent 4.2 introduces smart abbreviations, a new way to view long folder names and binary headers when space is limited.

New Installation Program

Agent 4.2 introduces a new installation program that automatically determines if you're doing a new installation or an upgrade installation. It's easier now to set up desktop shortcuts and start menu items.

New Address Book Features

Agent 4.2's address book contains a new record type, a routing address, so you can separate your personal contacts from your routing contacts. The address book allows you to view specific record types, has a "clone" command (New Copy of Contact) and allows you to merge contacts.

Other Features and Problems Fixed

Agent 4.2 includes performance improvements and fixes a number of bugs.

About Forté

Forté is focused on developing Usenet and email functionality for the Agent family of products. We are also developing service offerings to complement our Agent Usenet (APN) Service.


The Forté Team

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