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4.0 to Release in August

The Agent 4.0 Beta is in the final stage and we plan to release Agent 4.0 this month. The $15 Agent 4.0 upgrade promotion will end when Agent 4.0 is released. A list of Agent 4.0's prominent features appears below this screenshot.

Usenet Features

  • Enhanced crosspost detection
  • Ignore sub-thread
  • Preview images in a separate preview window or within the message body pane
  • User-definable folder property schemes for text and binary folders
  • Folder properties that can auto-save binary attachments by file extension
  • New "Binary" folder type that manages its own folder view state
  • Automatic creation and management of attachment folders
  • Redesign of attachment menus for better usability
  • User-defined prioritization of tasks such as getting headers, getting small bodies, or posting messages
  • Add any Usenet task to the top of the task queue by pressing the shift key
  • Automatic persona assignments when posting Usenet messages
  • Usenet filter expressions based on the "Newsgroups:" header
  • Sort folders in the "Folders" pane
  • Hide the "All Folders" desk

Email Features

  • Optional display of HTML formatted messages
  • Control whether HTML images are displayed in the message body pane
  • Only display HTML images for contacts that you trust
  • Email junk detection that uses Bayesian statistics
  • Disable junk detection for contacts that you trust -- no false positives
  • Enable or disable junk detection per email filter
  • User-definable folder property schemes for email
  • New address book design for storing contacts, domains, and mailing lists
  • Progressive search on contact name and email address when composing an email message
  • Automatically route and file email message based on your address book
  • Automatically train your address book for junk and routing simply by filing messages
  • Automatic persona assignments when sending email to contacts in your address book
  • Persona protection ensures that you don't accidentally use the wrong persona
  • Special handling to recognize, train, route, and reply to email lists
  • Email routing report to review how recent emails were received and routed.

Other Changes

Agent 4.0 also includes bug-fixes and other minor features. An exhaustive list will be posted to the Agent Release Notes when Agent is actually released.


The Forté Team

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