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Juergen Helbing's feedback on yEnc and Agent 1.91

Juergen Helbing, the developer of yEnc, passed along his thoughts on our decision to delay the release of Agent 1.91 by one week. Juergen is the developer of yEnc and a member of the Agent Beta Team. With Juergen's permission, here is a re-post of his email:

03/16/2002 01:53 PM

To: "Agent Beta Testers"
From: (Juergen Helbing)

Mark, Jeffrey, all @ Forté,

I just want to let you know that your decision to delay Agent 1.91
until it works properly is highly appreciated from my side.

There is absolutely no reason to hurry - and delivering a buggy
version would be fatal.

Some yEnc implementors did not work properly and made their beta tests
in public - by the users. This causes trouble and confusion until
today. And I am very sorry for this. The first yEnc draft was never
meant to be the base of a fundamental change to Usenet (this was a
discussion proposal). And all I can do today is to apologize for the
mess I did create with it.

Blame whatever/whenever necessary everything on me and the wierd
circumstances of the introduction of yEnc.

But you are doing a _great_ job - together with all your beta testers!

Feel free to publish this - or stick it to your pinboard.

I needed to say this !

In the near future (our favorite phrase), we will publish a web page about the Agent Beta Team and the awesome work they do for the Agent Community and Usenet.


The Forté Team

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