Privacy Policy


As a social software company, we rely on our users for product testing, customer support, and design collaboration. We would never jeopardize this unique relationship by providing your contact information to other companies. If you have any concerns please contact us.


We understand your need to maintain anonymity on the Internet and we will do everything in our power to respect and uphold your anonymity. Personal information about a user will not be disclosed unless we are required to do so under applicable State and Federal laws, including without limitation, DMCA.

Customer Surveys

Surveys are an integral part of our business process and they offer you a voice in Agent's Product Roadmap. We will never share your individual survey data with anyone outside our organization. However, we reserve the right to post a summary of survey results on our Web site.

Order Forms

We need to protect both ourselves and our customers from fraud. We request your name, address and telephone number on our order forms to make sure that the legitimate owner of the credit card is placing the order. We do not share this information with anyone. We will never use your phone number for tele-marketing.