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Agent Newsreader Tutorials

Install  ·  Register  ·  Pictures  ·  Unread  ·  Attachments  ·  Videos  ·  NZB

1. Installation

Installing Agent and setting up your first newsgroup

  • Download and install Agent 8
  • Setting up your first Usenet news server
  • Working with Agent's Newsgroup Directory
  • Sampling headers from a Usenet newsgroup
  • Introduction to Agent's 3 paned interface
  • Download and view a binary picture

2. Registration

If you've already registered your copy of Agent, you can skip this one

  • Acquiring an Agent Registration Key
  • Buying a new copy of Agent
  • Copy and paste Registration Key
  • Upgrading an existing copy of Agent
  • Getting help from Agent Support

3. Binary Pictures

A two-part series on sampling and downloading binary pictures

  • Working with Agent's 3-paned user interface
  • Understanding Zoom mode
  • Downloading binary pictures
  • Marking messages for later download
  • Using Tabs in Zoom mode
  • Launching a binary attachment
  • How to download IrfanView
  • Using Agent's internal Image Preview

  • Using the Newsgroup Directory to sample newsgroups
  • Searching for newsgroups
  • Sampling headers for multiple newsgroups
  • Launching Agent's Task Manager
  • Deleting a newsgroup folder

4. Binary Unread Indicators

Using unread indicators to improve your ability to sample and download binaries

  • Understanding message colors
  • When does Agent mark messages as "Read"
  • Configure Image Preview to mark messages "Read"
  • Unread counts in the folder pane

5. Binary Attachments

Organizing and saving binary attachments in Windows

  • Understanding binary attachment icons
  • Working with folder properties
  • Saving attachment to Agent's default folder
  • Opening attachment Folders
  • Viewing saved images in an external viewer

6. Binary Videos

  • Sampling a multimedia newsgroup
  • Understanding how Agent MegaJoins a binary archive
  • Previewing a binary archive
  • RAR / PAR automation
  • Working with binary attachments
  • Folder properties for binary archives

7. NZB Files

  • What is an NZB file
  • Using an NZB search index with Agent
  • Automatic import of NZB Files into Agent
  • Previewing an NZB video with Agent
  • Avoiding password-protected archives
  • Manually importing NZB files into Agent

8. Usenet Discussions

Video coming soon.

9. Agent Email

Video coming soon.

10. Customize Agent

Video coming soon.

11. Agent Usenet

Watch the Agent Usenet Tutorials to learn about using our high-speed news service