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Agent · NZB Support

What is an NZB File?

An NZB file contains a list of Usenet message headers. As an alternative to retrieving a large number of headers from a news server, you can import just a few headers from an NZB file. For example, an NZB file might contain:

  • The RAR and PAR headers for a large binary.
  • All the JPG files in a picture series.
  • Several interesting threads from a text newsgroup.

See Agent's Guide to Binaries for a list of NZB indexing sites.

Importing NZB Files

Whether an NZB file comes from a web site, a newsgroup, or a friend, Agent makes it easy to import and download:

Here are just a few of Agent's features for importing NZB files and retrieving bodies:

  • The complete list of headers can be previewed prior to import.
  • The total size of all files is shown (top right).
  • NZB headers can be imported to the newsgroup designated by the NZB file (as shown) or to a custom folder that you designate. Many users set up special folders to fine tune NZB processing.
  • The target folder determines how bodies are retrieved. Agent lets you override these settings each time you import.
  • Body retrieval options include Mark headers for later retrieval or Get bodies immediately.
  • Body retrieval can even be refined based on file extensions. For example, the default configuration avoids download of PAR files until you decide it's necessary.

Exporting NZB Files

NZB support would not be complete without the ability to create your own NZB files. Select the messages, export an NZB file and send it to a friend or post it back to Usenet. This makes it easy to share a download or refer to an interesting message thread.