Agent / Free Agent Merge

Version 1.92 introduces a major upgrade of Free Agent. Agent and Free Agent are now available as a single program, and Free Agent has many of the features that were previously available only in Agent, such as support for MIME attachments and non-English character sets.

When you first run Agent, you can choose to use it in one of three ways:

What's New

We added a Help | What's New menu option. This command launches your web browser to the What's New Page on Forté's web site to find out what's new with Agent. Each time you visit the site, it automatically shows you what's happened since the last time you visited.

Agent also periodically displays a What's New Reminder dialog box, to remind you to visit our web site. On the dialog box, you can change how often you want to be reminded, or disable the reminders altogether.

Language Translations

Agent can now load its UI resources (menus, dialog boxes, accelerators, and strings) from a separate resource-only DLL. This will make it easier for us to release non-English versions of Agent and Free Agent. Follow our progress on the Agent Translation page.

Other Enhancements